Consumer Protection.

Too often consumers are bullied, cheated or swindled and have no idea how to fight back. Many people don’t have the time to fight, even if they know how. We have the time and the know-how.



Identity Theft

+ Credit Reporting

Mistakes or errors on your credit report can have a devastating impact on your ability to find a job, obtain a loan or credit card, and even get insurance. Know your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and learn steps you can take right now to dispute errors. If you've been wronged, we're prepared to help.

Unlawful Business Practices

When a company engages in fraud or unfair business practices, it can do great damage to the average person.   If you've been wronged by a company, we'll work hard to ensure your rights are protected.

Ilegal Telemarketing/ Robocalls

Have you received junk faxes, texts, robo calls or collection calls on your cell phone, even though you did not give out your number? You may have had your rights violated. We are equipped to help.


Debt Collection Practices

Even when a consumer does owe a debt, state and federal law recognize that collectors cannot engage in deceptive, harassing, or unfair debt collection practices. If you're a victim of abusive debt collection practices, we'll relentlessly advocate on your behalf.  

Get your FREE evaluation.

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