It's all about you

when it comes to us. 

We want to meet your needs and help you with your legal problems. 

So, we'd rather talk about you than us. Still, maybe you have questions about who we are and why we’re incredibly dedicated to representing people like you. You can learn more about our story and our family below.

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Our (Official) Story.

     We're a husband-wife team who love what we do: representing people with their legal problems. We don't take ourselves too seriously because we are busy taking your legal issues seriously.  We're also the parents of five darling hooligans. So, absolutely nothing can scare us. No, really.
     It may surprise you (because we hide our dorkiness so well) that we met on our very first day of collegiate debate camp. The coach told the group of overly ambitious and a bit awkward students to look around because there was a solid chance of finding our future spouse in the room. You could hear the crowd groan in near disgust at the prospect.  
     The coach proved to be prophetic. All that time researching and strategizing in the debate lab combined with spending untold hours at debate tournaments across the country built a deep bond between us.  We tied the knot and then headed to law school together.  
   While at rival law firms, we dreamed of starting our own firm that was not only committed to top-notch legal service, but one that prioritized genuine relationships with clients. It took a lot of prayer, hard work and devotion, but our dream became a reality. We now have the privilege of working along side each other leading a talented legal team that serves amazing clients.

We compliment each other like bacon and maple syrup.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us.

We'd love the opportunity to get to know you.