Here's How to"Blow the Whistle"if You Know of

Fraud Against the Government.

Hire a lawyer.


Don't just retain any lawyer, hire one who has experience bringing a whistleblower case. (Bonus points if you hire a husband-wife team...)

Notify the Florida AG and/or the CFO


The lawyer will help you notify the Florida Attorney General and/or the Chief Financial Officer of the alleged misconduct by filing a sealed complaint in the Second Judicial Circuit court in Leon County.

Wait 60 days.


The Florida Attorney General or the Chief Financial Officer has 60 days to decide whether to intervene. If the state intervenes and prosecutes the violator, the whistleblower (also known as the relator) will receive 15 to 25% of any award recovered, depending upon the level of the relator’s participation in the action. If the state declines to intervene, the relator can pursue the matter on behalf of the government. In this case, the relator will receive 25-30% of any award. (This amount can be reduced if the relator was also somehow involved in planning or initiating the wrongful conduct).

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